Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scout Camp 2010 - Rappeling

The last day of the mountain climbing merit badge the boys got to rappel off an 80 foot cliff.


When the boys got back from scout camp they had a "treasure". It was a dead tarantula. I'm pretty sure my husband is one of the only dad's who would let their sons bring that home. When the guys left for scout camp our home teacher e-mailed me to let me know he was really good at catching spiders if I needed him to. Well, scout camp is over and I would still like to take him up on that offer : ).
Cameron plans on "preserving" it.

Scout Camp 2010 - Scuba Diving

When I found out the scout camp was 10 hours away, I was surprised they wanted to go, until they told me all of the great things the camp offered. Scuba was one of those. Nathan got to do all of the fun merit badges since he has done all of the "required" ones : ).

Scout Camp - Cam - Scorpion!

Here is one of the scorpions they caught.
Both Doug and Cameron got stung. . . .
No wonder one of the other boys refused to go to sleep until his tent zipper was fixed!

Scout Camp - Sunrise Hike- Bug

This is a fun picture of a bug they caught. They told me it was a katydid, but I looked it up on Google images and I'm not so sure : ).

The boys got up early (4:30 am) to enjoy a sunrise hike.

Swimming the Mile

Cameron wasn't too excited about doing the mile swim. Doug really wanted him to do it, so with a little pursuasion ($20.00) he did it! : )

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cameron and Jason before the ceremony.

Doug placing the high adventure and camping pictures out. This was a big hit. Lots of people enjoyed looking at pictures of their kids.

Nathan and Jaron singing "Called to Serve". This is Jaron's favorite song. He was singing it after we picked him up from EFY. I thought it was neat they would be willing to sing : ).

This is the display table we set up. I got talking with someone and the next thing I knew Megan had set up the pictures and everything! She loves to decorate.

Nathan did a good job of not sticking me!
After this he then went up to the podium and said, "This is for you younger scouts."
He then gave me a big hug and kiss!

This is Megan with the balloons. She was excited to help decorate!

Eagle Court of Honor

Nathan with the chocolate mousse pies! This was his special request.

Nathan's Thank You

Nathan's Eagle Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout is faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's a bird, its a plane. . . no . . . its just Nathan!
Yes. . . I was holding his legs up. He is strong, but not that strong.

Dear Family,

Last Sunday was Nathan and his friend Jaron's Eagle Court of Honor. It was a wonderful event! We were surprised with how many people showed up! We planned on 25-30 because so many of our ward members are on vacation. The Ludwall's and I made a total of 8 pies. A few hours before I thought, maybe I should bring extra food just in case. We can always enjoy chocolate mousse pie leftovers! I made a double pan of brownies, two extra pies and some ice cream. We were surprised when we had around 75 in attendance! Wow! Not a speck of food was left over. I would have enjoyed a piece. It is a good thing I sampled everything as I made it : ).

The meeting was just about to get underway. Brother Amsden, who was conducting, was at the stand ready to begin. Cameron, who was one of the first speakers, whispered, "Mom, I left my talk in the car." I looked around and didn't see the keys. Doug checked his pockets and no keys! We told Brother Amsden, but he was not about to wait! Finally, we spotted the keys. Cameron scrambled out the door as Brother Amsden began the meeitng. Cameron made it in at the flag ceremony and then spoke on the example older boys set. He did a wonderful job. Later Doug gave a nice tribute to Nathan.

The bishop also spoke. . . Doug the week before in priesthood, had given the rowdy 14 year old teachers the scripture dad likes to use. . .

1 Corinthians 13:11

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

When he shared the scripture the boys became very quiet and listened carefully.

The bishop's son went home and told his dad about it. The bishop liked it so much he used it in his remarks. I remember thinking as he shared it, even though dad couldn't be here his thoughts were!

Nathan and Jaron earlier in the week put together a cute slide show. It was fun to see and to bring back great memories of the years.

Later Nathan gave a "thank you" to his parents and leaders. I hadn't heard his remarks earlier so I really enjoyed his thoughts. Nathan and Jaron then sang, "Called to Serve". It was wonderful!

The stake president was in attendance so he was asked if he would like to give a few remarks. He shared wonderful stories and experiences that really topped off the night. We wish you all lived closer and could have been there.

We love you!