Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Business Trip to London

 Doug got a chance to go to England on business.  He stayed in Derby, England which is out in the country side near Derbyshire where the Darcy's lived in "Pride and Prejudice".  Doug said it was incredibly beautiful.  His hotel is the oldest Marriott in the world.  It was a small castle built in the 1200's! 

 Here are the gardens at the hotel.

 The attorney he met up with was from New York City.  He found out Doug had never been to England so he insisted he stay an extra day and tour London.  Doug couldn't argue with that.  He took many great photos and told me he probably walked 10 miles.  I don't doubt it!

Doug and the attorney were rushing out to meet the client in Derby.  When they arrived at the clients they were asked where they had stopped for breakfast.  Doug said the woman looked horrified when they told them they had stopped at McDonald. . . I also thought that was a crime!

I have had many people ask me why I didn't go with him. . . the first clue was that his plane ticket was $9,000.00. . . yikes!  I wish he could have looked for his own air fare and we could have kept the change!

He was fascinated by the cabs.

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