Friday, September 17, 2010

More Pictures at Clear Lake

This summer we decided to do something different to motivate me to work out : ). I had some friends who had done a triathlon and really loved it. I was excited to do something besides running so we did a triathlon. I was done for the summer, or so I thought. Jaron, Nate's friend, wanted to do another a month later. I was hesitant, but thought we might as well. His parents were off on a Mediterranean cruise : ).

I really enjoyed the variety of the workouts, especially when working out in the extremely HOT and humid Houston summers.

The breeze on a bike is much better than a run! The swimming was nice, although by the end of August the pool water was around 80 degrees. . . yuck!

All of us did better than the race before. I'm not very fast, but enjoyed myself.

During the swimming portion I felt like I was going to drown! I had really worked hard on improving my swimming, but when you are swimming and you can feel people by you and bumping into you, it was a little rattling! After the swim was over the rest of it was fun! Of course Nathan loved the swimming portion too.

Right before the triathlon, as we walked out of the transition area we could see people entering the water right by this sign. They were "warming up" before the race began. Nathan and Jaron waiting for their heat to begin.

After the race Jaron and Nathan show their flexibility. . . or lack therof : ) Good thing that wasn't part of the race!

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